2014 Blog 243: Is it Eh?

I recall a boy gardener we had, when I was maybe 10, who would come over and help my mom with our yard. He would take care of the grass and whatever yard errands my mom might have. On nights when my mom and dad are out, I recall he would come and babysit me and my siblings. Me and my brother liked it when he comes over in the evening, because it also meant playing outside at the night and then he would make us this fried flat sweet dough for night snack. This sweet dough got stuck in my memory because it had became one of my faves. I thought it was just flour, water, and sugar mixed to whatever texture you might like. As I grew older, I tried making it myself a few times using whatever I could recollect from such a young memory. Our old narrow kitchen is still vivid in my head. I still strongly recollect the warm nights when he would just let me and brother play outside with him. We would run around the yard endlessly, which seemed so large to me at that time. I remember. But I can’t quite figure out how to make that fried dough he used to make us. Then, it hit me today. It could be what we call the elephant ears. After all these years, I wondered. But it is just the elephant ears. It is wonderful now to be able to put a name on it. Though, I wish I could also put a name on the boy.

We just made some elephant ears. You want some?


2014 Blog 242: Confused and Blended

I just watched “Blended”, which stars Drew and Adam. I have seen that the reviews are not so good. But I like Drew, so I wanted to try it. Surprisingly, I thought it was so funny. Really. I laughed many times. Hmmm maybe I am shallow and just easy to laugh. But really, I absolutely thought it was hilarious. It is a movie about trying to find love, raising kids, and coincidences. I could so relate in the fun and chaos of raising kids. That is probably why I laughed many times. Or perhaps I just had tequila. Cause I laughed like I had some. Oh well, I could just be shallow. Regardless, I had a good laugh.

If you are a parent, or guardian, taken or taking care of kids, and has found love, finding love, will find love, then I would recommend it for you. But you don’t have to watch it, because I liked so. You know, theres is a chance you would not like it because some people already rated it low. But you could also not not watch it just because not everyone are the same.

Confused. You hate or like Blended?

2014 Blog 241: Day Trip to Big Hills

It is a long weekend before school finally starts again. We did not want the kids to get too tired so we opted for short day trips.

Today, we went to Big Hills Provincial Park at Ardrie. It is pretty good for a short trip. It is lashed with trees, springs, short bridges, and small waterfalls. It offers a short 2.5 km trail which I think is perfect for family hikes. Exploring a little bit off the main trail will easily fill up the time. So don’t stray away too far too many times. There are a few picnic tables though. But I think you can pack up light food, and find a place to eat along the hike. The water looked so clean and clear and it was so inviting but it was very very cold. I dipped my feet in anyway.

Next time, you are shopping at Iron Mills Outlet at Balzac, you might want to do this same side trip we did today. It is just 30 min drive off the mall. I think it is worth a visit.

Did you know about Big Hills?


2014 Blog 240: Inflate, Deflate, Borrow

This afternoon, I attempted to pump in air to my bike. And I realized, the tire valve looked different from the bikes we have. Mine is narrower and longer and there is another valve inside. Oh come on. Ugh. And so sure enough, instead of inflating it, I totally deflated it. I tried to figure how I am gonna use the foot air pump with it. I tried and tried until it became totally deflated. Dang.

Oh well.. gladly I still managed to bike before sundown, by borrowing Thorr’s bike, Yeeehaaah. Thanks Thorr, your bike just kinda look like mine.

Can I borrow your bike?


2014 Blog 239: Foolishly Full

After dinner, I contemplated between an hour of bike vs an hour at chop. Chop is a restaurant not too far from my house. They make something I really want. After a little bit of brainstorming with Thorr, we decided to venture towards Chop. So no bike tonight. 2 hrs after, here I am on the red couch and there is really nothing else in my head but the sinful indulgence that I just had tonight. Please forgive me if I just feel so overfull. But it is worth it. If you happen to be at Chop, just down Ellerslie Road, don’t miss out their Rhum Cake.

Do you have room to be foolishly full?


2014 Blog 238: A Book from 1955

The other day I was invited to a thrift store by Thorr, who had a mission to find some camping treasure items. I went, a little bored, just cruising aimlessly, aisle to aisle.   Then, I saw this bin of old books that were on sale for a dollar each.  I started looking.  There was one that definitely caught my eye.  It’s a book hard covered in gray,  a fifth printing,  dated 1955,  with a handwritten note:

“Many happy returns on your birthday Dad.  With love, your daughter.  Nov 15, 1955″

By the fact that it is handwritten and dated 59 years ago, just mesmerized me.  It was like a blast to the past.  My dad would be 11 years old at that time.  My mom would just be 7.   The note, though so short, speaks out of a love between a father and a daughter,  so old, and yet so true.  I imagined the daughter being in her 30s and the father being in his 60s at that time.   I started wondering how they have been, and how life might have been so different 50 years ago.  Were they immigrants, just like me?

I started reading the book.  I sat at one of the patio chairs on display, and started reading more.    I took it home and enjoying it now.  Apparently, the book was a huge hit in 1955, and was made a movie in 1956.    Hmmm.. so let me read on.

Have you read “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit”?



2014 Blog 237: How funny it is?

I just had this tweak of memory of my laughing moments. It is making me smile right now.

lolWhen was the last time you laughed so hard you got tears in your eyes?  I tear up all the time I laugh hard.  I am happy to say I had lots of these moments.  One memorable moment was when I was reading a Whimpy Kid book.  I was quietly reading and then I just bursted into laughter, and my kids wondered, and then eventually laughed with me, not knowing what it was.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you just cannot stop it for some reason?  Tequilla does this to me.  Everyone or anything seems so funny to me. And to realize I am laughing at small little things, makes me laugh more, and it goes on and on.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you wet your pants? That was during my recent roadtrip with friends to yellowstone.  I was taking still videos and I have asked my friends next to me to be quiet for 10 seconds.  They did, but one farted out loud.  And so we laughed so hard, went down on our knees, and peed on our pants.

When was the last time you laughed so hard that your abs ache the next day?  That was just in my recent camping trip. It was days of good story telling and sharing jokes and laughing together.  On monday morning, I felt so tired and my abs hurt.  I figured it was from too much laughing.

I am grateful for having some laughing moments.   I hope you have yours too.

When was the last time you laughed so hard, your jaw felt sore?






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