2014 Blog 211: Day 5 of 9 – Old Faithful

Finally, I have come close to the so called Old Faithful Geyser. I think it was an awesome experience to see it and strobe the park. We hiked about 5 kilometers, which was just a portion of the boardwalk. We saw a lot other hot pots during the walk. I can’t imagine people come and bravely visit the yellowstone park which has a lot of volcanic hot spots. Maybe there are a lot just like me who are curious and just wanna see!

Have you been in yellowstone park?

2014 Blog 210: Day 4 of 9 – Yellowstone

We started exploring the yellowstone park today by cruising its upper loop. In this loop, we gave attention to its Grand Canyon and its Mammoth Hot Spring. There are a lot to see and to stop for, like there are many hot sightings of small hot springs. The main grand loop road brings visitors through flat lands and through winding roads that go around mountains.

It would be easy to make many stops and linger more. Though it would be beautiful to catch the sunset while in the park, I would suggest to try to be out of the park by sundown because driving could become not so fun when it becomes so dark.

And so I suggest not to do what we did. We were still in the park today when the sun has set down. We were still 90 minutes away to the park gate. Again, we got caught in the dark!

Are you driving?

Yellowstone Grand Canyon


Mammoth Hot Spring


2014 Blog 209: Day 3 of 9: Are We There Yet?

So after about a thousand kilometers away from home, we decided to make time to stop for shopping this morning. This stop was not originally in today’s plan but the excitement ti shop overruled what might be the effect on our schedule. I think that doing it pushed our schedule a bit harshly. Our arrival to yellowstone is now so late than expected. So was it worthy shopping on this side of the border? Hmmm. Unfortunately, I would say yes. We found good deals on shirts, pants, dresses, and even on home items. We found it so cheap and there was no sales tax! We tried to be smart on this leg of our trip by buying what is worth it. I hope we did. I estimate that our group just spent a thousand dollars altogether. So not so bad (?) I think. But man, we are now trying the beat time as we race our way to Yellowstone before midnight!

Are we there yet?


2014 Blog 208: Day 2 – To Kalispel

We entered the State of Montana this morning! It was first for me. We headed straight to the Rising Sun Road. It is a scenic ride through the other american side of the glaciers. It was pretty cool to see where the canadian rockies continued to the other side of the border. The ride was so pretty but I think it would have been prettier to drive it at sundown. Though we probably won’t ride their at sundown anyway as it might be a bit tricky when it gets dark. In anyway, it was pretty ride!

On this day, we also made a stop the Mystery House. This is Montana’s Vortex Mystery. Imagine 20 people giving the mystery house the test whether it is real or it is a hoax. We had a great fun!

Along the Rising Sun Road
is a series of Waterfalls


Mystery House Vortex


2014 Blog 207: Day 1 – Waterton

We are now at 611.9 km. The last time I was at the hill of Prince of Wales, it was so windy and beautiful. Today, it was so peaceful and beautiful as I remember it. The Waterton Lakes is where the boundary between Canada and US becomes seamlessly invisible. It is such a pretty place.

The weather was perfect today. We managed to have time to stroll in the town, wander by the marina, go up the Hill which locates the Prince if Wales Hotel , the Cameron Falls, and Cameron Lake.


2014 Blog 206: Packed and Ready

I have been busy the whole day, from work and from home.  Nevertheless, we are all set. Ready to go. Our road trip starts tomorrow.  There shall be 20 people in this road trip.   We will give our friendship the test of companionship, patience, understanding, teamwork, and perhaps more.   We will cruise a long road of over a thousand kilometers from home, to hit the rockies across the border,  and then explore the caves and cracks of down south.  I am actually excited.  At home, the weather has been windy and cloudy and rainy.  So it is just a good time to escape from the unsummerly like weather.


Are you coming along?



2014 Blog 205: Family Road Trip Checklist

Let me think. What are the top things I need to prepare for a 9 day road trip?   Hmmm.   When we pack and when we include the just in case stuff, we tend to end up bringing too much.  I have done that many times in the past.  Indeed I am guilty.   Though, it really depends too where you are going and what resources might be available on the road.  Here I am now.. checking my list, trying to prepare just the essentials.

camera + SD card
driver’s license + passports + medicare card
map + destinations
cash + discipline
play cards
phone + phone numbers
beef jerky + cookies + granola bars
shirts + shorts + undees + sweater + swim wear

medicines for
just in case tummy ache
or  just in case head ache
and just in case allergy


What else would I need to bring?


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