2014 Blog 274 Homework Blues

I am stressed out from work.  Sigh.  The boss did not sound so happy this afternoon.   I think the boss is getting stressed out, and you know what happens.  It is contagious.  Sigh.  So what do I do?  I can’t bike right now. It is cold. It is 8. And sunset has passed already.  Sigh.  I think the Skorr cake and Mocha is helping out.. gradually.  I am just trying to find that boost to do some homework.  Sigh.   Now, I am trying to beat some last minuted deadline, that was not even in my agenda this morning.  {Breathe in.. Breathe out}.

Can someone give me a hug please?



2014 Blog 273: Ready for Fab Fall

20140930-212804.jpgI hope it is okay if I may write about my shopping delight (again) today.  Of course, I had to drive my mom again tonight, for another shopping course.   So once again,  like bat girls in the evening, we flew from one store to the other.  She is pretty much choosy now, but I ended up getting something for myself. Of course. And this is why I have to really get away from shopping trips.  Cause I am just so easy to shop. Anyways,  I found this “orange” polyurethane jacket just for 30 dollars.. at Winners.  I thought it is so pretty. It is kinda tight on the waist, but the top is just perfect fit.  I fit in.  I can zip it up, though I will probably wear it open most of the time.   I love it.   It was the last one in the rack.  So it was meant to be.  I indeed took it home.   It is true. There are some fab finds at Winners.  It’s not always that I find something there.  But on days when I find what I love, I just think I gotta take it home.  Cause I’m thinking, if I don’t take it then later go back for it, it might no longer be there.  So better keep it.  That is love.

Shall I wear it already tomorrow?


2014 Blog 272: Ladder Up

My brother has an old wooden ladder that sits in his garage since his family moved into their current house. It was an already old ladder left by the previous owner. That is 7 years ago.

Lately I have been eyeing for it. I just have this project idea of utilizing an old ladder like a book shelf.. somehow. So I have finally initiated a ladder exchange with my brother. I bought him a brand new one in exchange of his old ladder. Ridiculous as it may sound, but I did the exchange. My brother was happy to get a new one. After all, it’s an old ladder that I think he should no longer use. Mutually, I am happy to get the old one.

I have not started my project though. But the inspiring ladder is now standing in my basement while I plan how I might put some love on it.

Do you have some ideas?

2014 Blog 271: Easy Pastries

Thorr has been into baking all weekend. He has been working on strudels and empanaditas! Oh girl, I love both, and the man of course.

The empanaditas was delightfully filling! He bought ready made pie crust, cut it, stuffed it with pre-cooked hashed corned beef and diced potatoes, and then baked it. It is so good with the delightful freshly made banana smoothie.

On the other hand, the banana strudel was awesome! Thorr also have a ready made butter puff pastry, stuffed it with banana (just regular yellow bananas), sprinkled with white and brown sugar, and baked it.

It sounds so easy. Easy to cook and so good to eat. And yes it is. I love sweet pastries, so I went for more of the banana strudels than I did with the corned beef empanaditas.

Which one you like?

2014 Blog 270: Sage

IMG_5451aaThis sounded good.  French onion soup (melted aged gruyere), ceasar salad (baby organic romaine leaves) with butter fried toast, grilled tenderloin with peppercorn sauce, mashed potatoes, market vegetables, supreme of chicken, rutabaga with herb oil, and bread pudding with tapioka milk.  This is the Sage’s tasting menu at river cree.  It sounded simple but very good.  Indeed it was.  It was exactly what we had last night.  I think the place has the sleek retro look, and could bring you back right to the 80s.  I liked it.  Our server’s name was Jammy… very friendly, served the food in time, attended nicely to our needs, and gave us pleasant smiles.  If you have plans to go to River Cree, you may not want to miss a delightful dinner at Sage.   You can be wise.  You can be sage.
Well, do you feel like gambling anyway?

2014 Blog 269: bobbity sagetty wackity

Alright. So today, Bon Saget is in town. He used to be in a long time running tv series “Full House”, has hosted the hilarious tv show “America’s Funniest Videos”, and has done movies. I have not seen him on the comedy stage, and tonight is all about him making me laugh. He is at the River Cree to do a Comedy Show entitled “Rated R”. I got the tix in lieu of a silent auction I won from a fundraising event. I have been excited to see him! But I have been really worried too that I might just not laugh. Cause you know, english is not my first language, so I might.. just not pickup on some jokes.

So after seeing it, what do I think about it? It was awesome to see him and to laugh with him. The show was rated R-ish as the show is called, so you know. Might not be appropriate for some. But, at the end my jaw was sore. It was a good one. I think I would rate it 75 out of 100.

Can you make me laugh?


2014 Blog 268: Girl Shopping

I was out with mother tonight, doing last minute shopping. I kinda begged her not to bring me. But oh well, who else is going to go with her tonight… but me who needs to drive her. We swept away after dinner, and like bats in the evening, swirled from store to store through the night till all closes. Sure enough, I decided I will not buy anything. I will just drive and browse. But sure enough, I picked out something from each store we went into. But, most of all, I fell for a sweater just perfect for me. No second thoughts. I fall. I love. I embrace and take it. Mine to keep. It’s meant to be.

Is that how you do girl shopping?


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