2014 Blog 202: Grab The Hiking Sticks

Not all hikers use hiking poles.  But I think that using it is the smart way.  That is if you want to go farther and if you want your loving feet live further.  Many people who are fit will probably tuck the sticks away, because it is a bother anyway, and because it seems to slow down the speed.  But I tell you, it makes a difference.  The poles do help, silently.  You may not see the benefits now,  but it will reveal at a later time.  The poles will help you not put too much pressure on your knees, and therefore will keep it less stressed.  If you  minimize this stress,  you will be able to enjoy more hike than you planned for.  This is what I have been told.  I learned.  I do.

Do you got your hiking sticks?


2014 Blog 201: Feeling the Hike

I still feel so great doing the hike I did yesterday.  It was probably the hardest one so far that I have done.  It’s not the elevation that has  beaten me up.  It was hard because of the scrambling we did through the rocks combined with the wind that was against us.   I said before that if it was going to be windy, then we won’t do it.  But that plan did not work out.   Most hikers just lingered by the ridge but not all decided to go to the highest point because of the wind.   But those who went have inspired us.     I think it would have been easier scrambling if the wind was calmer.   I read that the average time to ascend was at average of 2.5 to 3.5 hrs.  So I thought our 3 hrs of ascend which included the dozen stops I made, was not too bad after all.   Anyhow, I feel so happy that we did it.   I was mostly glad that Thorr was with me with all these stupid wonderful things I’d like to check on my bucket list.

How about doing another one? 




2014 Blog 200: We Made it the Peak!

20140719-201942.jpgThe trail to Ha Ling Peak started through a forested path. It was steadily uphill, as expected. Halfway later, the trail became rocky which made it a little harder for the feet. But it was definitely a beautiful view as we went higher. The last leg of the trail was about half km of scrambling on rocks to the very top of the summit. It was so windy when we got there. Though the strong wind would come and go which gave us sometime to cope up in finding our way.  Honestly, the wind made me a little worried as it was testing our balance and strength. But I decided that I will finish the journey. Thorr was with me. He said he was already contented not doing the remaining half km, but when he saw me scrambling to the top then he also decided that he shall win it with me. And so we made it. Our own race. Honestly, it was a strenuous journey for me, but definitely worth it. The beauty of the mountain range from the top is something you won’t see from the bottom. It is unbelievably beautiful.

I have been trying to make time to hike this trail for the past 4 years. We always ended up doing a different one. Finally, I just feel so good that we finally made time to do this one.

We were at Ha Ling Peak’s highest point of 2408 m!!

It took us about 3 hrs to get through the 2.8 km trail of 732 meters elevation gai20140719-202030.jpgn, including possibly a dozen stops to rest or take photographs. We lingered and rested for an hour at the top. Getting back down took us a take your time pace of 2 hrs. Now tired. Just nicely tired.

Were you there too today?




2014 Blog 199: Ha Ling’s Story

In1896 there was a Chinese man who made a bet of 50 dollars that he could climb the Peak of the Bee Hive Mountain in Canmore. The locals didn’t think he can climb it in 10 hours but he managed to go up and get back down in an astonishing 5 hours. Since nobody believed him, he went back to the peak, bringing along the doubters with him. The people were awed to see the flag that he left at the peak as proof that he was indeed there. Since then, the Bee Hive Mountain was referred to as the Chinaman’s Peak.  In 1997,  it was officially renamed to His name. And so this story of the Ha Ling Peak.  I am so proud of him. Good for him that he had a good climb and made money too!

So, will I see you at the peak tomorrow?




2014 Blog 198: The Summit Is Calling

Thorr and I are planning to do our yearly hiking trip this weekend.  We are targeting to conquer the Ha Ling Peak, with  an altitude of 7,898 ft.  This is in the heart of Canmore, about 3 hrs drive from where I live.  The hike is estimated to be about  half day with an elevation gain of  2,296 ft.    I just hope the weather will cooperate with us.  It’s kinda high and open summit.  So if it becomes too windy to go up,  we will probably bail out.  I pray for a perfect weather, blue sky, patches of  clouds, and little wind.


Let’s meet at the peak.. saturday morning?


2014 Blog 197: Calamansi Fragrance

The wonderful calamansi plant that Thorr gave me for last mother’s day has so many flowers.  It is blossoming nicely, but I am still worried whether it will survive through the year.  For now, I am enjoying its presence, and still excited that just maybe, it will indeed bear many fruits.  There are already some fruits that I think I can maybe take soon.  But I think I need to wait for a little bit more.  You know,  I have never thought that the calamansi flowers looked so pretty and even smell so good.  It almost look like and smell like sampaguita.


Do you like calamansi?




2014 Blog 196: Aircon

I am now just stunted by the heat. Just delirious.  It is tiring me for no reason. Can someone please turn on the air conditioner?!!! Please?!!! Wait. I don’t have one.  Just delirious, indeed.   So, in Edmonton, do you think  it is now worth it to get an air conditioner?  shrug.  Naah. But I think this summer, we are having a lot more of the really hot days than the past years.  A lot of people I know has one.  When building new houses, a lot are now doing such upgrade.  So, should I also start thinking of getting one?  Hmmm.  Hold that thought. I think maybe not yet.  Just not yet.  Because I think 80% of the year is still cold.


But, should I get an air conditioner, anyway?





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