2014 Blog 303: Inside the Coffin?

Creating haunted houses, for the sake of scaring, for fun, is so popular during festivals. It is most popular during Halloween season. Once, I have been involved in making the most coolest haunted house ever made in the campus. The chairman of the committee was creative and resourceful. I was just.. well.. really.. a tag a long. But I think I have had scared a lot of students at that time. My main task was to lie down inside of a coffin.. a real coffin… so I can play dead.. a living dead. A lot of my friends wouldn’t dare. I don’t know why. It is just an empty coffin. New coffin. Never been used of course. But well, now that I think about it, perhaps afterwards, it ended for someone.

Would you? Would you lie down in an empty coffin?


2014 Blog 302: Apparation

When Thorr was about 10, his grandfather passed away a sudden death due to a heart attack. Very many were in despair. A lot had later shared of premature signs of his death. Some saw a vision of him without a head. Some had a vision of the cemetery the way it looked on the burial day. But one thing that creeped out most was that a few days after he was buried, a graveyard caretaker came over the house looking for him. The caretaker was clearly calling out for his name. Apparently, he did not know that Lolo Lucio has already passed away. The family asked the caretaker the reasons of his visit. He said that Lolo Lucio has asked him to clean-up his parents graveyard. The caretaker has come to inform Lolo Lucio that he has already cleaned it up as he requested. He was shocked when he learned that he had already passed away and been buried days ago. It was unbelievable as he attested that he just talked to him like a live person.

Do you believe in apparitions?

2014 Blog 301: Pumpkins

Mr. T brought in pumpkins from their farm, to give away for free. I happily brought home two! And gladly I decided that definitely this year, I will carve the pumpkins! I have alway thought it is hard but I was totally wrong. All I needed was to make time and some halloween spirit. So me and spiderboy worked on the two pumpkins together. We scooped out the fibrous seedy stuff, and then decided to make it simple. We carved out the eyes.. the mouth.. the teeth… then put tea lights in it. I am proud of the first Jack o’ Lanterns I have ever made. Oooohalalala!

What do your pumpkins look like?


2014 Blog 300: Gonna Be Freaky Friday

Halloween is almost here. Almost everyone I know loves Halloween. I actually love it. It is fun to put on costumes and be the one you wanna be. It is fun to join in the giving of treats. Although, I hope people will consider allergy alerts. No one should really give away common allergy products like peanuts. Anyway, still it is the guardian’s responsibility to check the bag of treats at the end of the night.

Me and the kids are up for a cold halloween night this year. So we are bracing ourselves on such. It is delightful though that is gonna be a Friday this year. So Freaky Friday indeed!

What are you gonna be?


2014 Blog 299: Winter Preview

Over in Edmonton, this afternoon we just had our very first snowfall for the season. Come on. It is not even officially winter yet. Though, I don’t think it is a surprise. We are in Edmonton and this normally what we get. The truth is, the way I saw it this afternoon, the snowfall looked so pretty. It is because the temperature was just around 1 C degrees. So the snowfall, looked fluffy nice. It was brief though. By the time I started writing this down, the snowfall has become rain. Well, that was a preview of what is coming soon…winter wonderland.

I have been here for so long now.. twenty long years. I have come to embrace winter with colorful scarves and sweaters, warm jackets, furry boots, indoor yoga and gym, indoor swimming, christmas, new year, ice sculptures, snowman, bonfires, hot chocolate, wagon rides, snowshoe hiking, skiing(?), toboganning, fresh coffee, winter photography, baked goodies, and of course..wine. It is absolutely a different living than when it is summer. It is still lovely in different ways.

How do you embrace winter?


2014 Blog 298: Chinaman Chews

I was at a fund raising bake sale today for the Project J7 Mission Trip.  There, I scouted for the usual delicious chocolate cup cakes and whatever I can eye that is new to me.  Gladly, I discovered Chinese Chews.  Interestingly,  anyhow I look at it,  it does not look  like a chinese goody at all.  It is baked goody squares of flour, sugar, chopped dates, walnuts, beaten eggs. It is all sprinkled with icing sugar.  I grabbed the plate and took it home and experimented it with my bites and taste bud.  And I say, it is pretty good.   It is lovely to try new food wherever you can find.

What new food did you find today?  


2014 Blog 297: Sometimes the wrong train gets you to the right station

Today, I watched a foreign movie “Lunchbox”. The movie brought me to the busy life in India. There is the close up look in India’s wonderful spices and cooking, and their lunchbox delivery system. It is interesting. But the story is really about ILa and Saajan, whose friendship started out when ILA’s lunchbox for her husband was mistakenly given to Saajan. Following circumstances found its way for them to find comfort in each other’s words. The two strangers have eventually quietly fallen for each other. I think it would be just a lovely book to read. But the movie gave a good visual experience. I would rate it 4 out 5.

How many times have you fallen in love, quietly?

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