2014 Blog 293: Would You Fight?

It has been about over 300 days since an old friend was diagnosed with cancer. He was given a year. He has been living almost normal, aside from the occasional stomach pain. He would take taxi, go to the mall, or to a restaurant. Last summer, he literally said to her daughter “I don’t even feel I have cancer”. Things were doing fine, until 3 days ago, he was sent to the emergency with severe stomach pain. He was given something to manage the pain and has stayed at the hospital since then. Last night, he started to rebel, that he just wants to go home already. He didn’t want to wear the oxygen mask, and has been requesting people not to try to prolong his life anymore. He also explained that he wanted to die in the house, and not at the hospital. This is a hard day for our friend and his loved ones. We feel the struggle between fighting for life and just letting go.

Would you let go?

2014 Blog 292: Sleep Tricks

Today, we had a perfect weather. 20 and there is hardly wind. Just perfect. Too bad I was sick. I couldn’t go out for a bike or even for a walk. I didn’t go out to work, with the hope to catch up with sleep. But I just never fell asleep. The nap that I tried doing became more of just laying on the bed (or rather on the red couch).
So here is a question. How.. do you make yourself go on a deep sleep.. naturally? No sleeping pills. I know getting physically tired during the day, could give you a really good sleep. But not all for me. Biking and swimming mainly makes me sleep well. On the other hand, hiking, does not. It just keeps my mind kicking. Another way to get a good sleep, which my mom does is to drink warm milk in the night. She claims it does very well to her. Hmm, these are all I know. There might be some tea or herbal meds that can help with sleep. I should do some research.

What do you do to have a good tight sleep?

2014 Blog 291 Fritillary, Liquorice, Loquat, and more

This flu virus that is still sheltering in my system is like killing me. I have not been sleeping well for 3 nights now. My cough is waking me every hour. My colds building up like a sinus and giving me severe headache. This morning, I think I finally slept at 4, for 2 hrs. When I woke up, my nose was all blocked and when I got up, my head felt like it was going to explode. So far the common cough med that take from the counter is not helping. So I shall be trying a bottle of herbal cough syrup. It is called Nin Jiom. I have not tried this before. It is made in Hongkong and made its way all the way to Edmonton. Its ingredients include fritillary, liquourice, loquat leaf, pumo, coltsfoot, thinleaf milkwart, platycodon, mentholum, fourleaf, indian bread, pinellia, snakegourd, ginger, bitter apricot, chinese magnoliavine…. all mixed together in honey.

Do you like try a never heard foreign herbal med?


2014 Blog 290: Face to Face with Walkers

Today was a great day (regardless if I am still sick) to go to Sylvan Lake, where the walkers were. It was windy, leaves have fallen, the lake making un-ending small waves. A mom walked by.. she looked dead.. she still got her hair rollers on. A dad walked by, wearing his suit, stained with blood over…also looked dead. The daughter walked by, looked so lost, still on her pjs, with blood and also looked dead. There were like two hundred of them spread out, some unseen. The runners had to run with all their might. We were in the decontamination area, safe from the walkers. We watched the runners got beaten by the zombies. There were some survivors who made it to the decontamination area. We stayed were we were.. safe as we thought. Until one dead man started walking for the children! We had to save them. But the dead mom and her daughter scrambled towards us. It was chaos.. for awhile. But we survived.

It was so fun at today’s Zombie Run.

Did you survived it too?


2014 Blog 289: Chapter Twelve

I am still trying to find time hopefully finish reading the old book I got from 1955, “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit”. I am slowly reading through, hoping to finish it this year. It is just so hard to find time. Yadiyara.. I need to make time. So far I have made it to Chapter 12. This chapter was particularly Tom’s flashback to his WorldWar 2 experience. After getting through Tom’s story yesterday, it got stuck in m head for the rest of the day. As any war story, it was emotional. And true, those soldiers who fought were brave and stupid. Stupid to be ready to die for. Imagine at every jump off they made, there is no assurance of getting back home. Brave and stupid.

So far, I am enjoying my reading, though so parsed. There is 28 chapters to go.

Are you reading along?

2014 Blog 288: A Peanut Challenge

My young batmapeanutchallenge_1535480_10152374728790060_2430892718254135642_nn had his peanut challenge today, under the supervision of his Doctor, of course.  In this challenge he was dared to eat M&M peanuts to see if he will have an allergic reaction.  So far, he has not had recent peanut incidents and his recent skin test showed little reaction.  So, we needed to know if he might have outgrown it.   The first dose was a pinch of the peanut.  It was breezy.  He thought it tasted and felt weird but not bad.  The second was a bit more than the first, and it was fine.  On the third dose, his throat felt itchy, and that is when we started getting concerned.  But we waited till it went away.  It did.   So, he still bravely took his fourth dose which gave him the same somewhat bearable itch.   On the fifth dose, he took 1 whole peace of the M&M peanut, for the first time in his 13 years. Quickly though, he felt funny and felt like throwing up.  But he attested that it was still bearable, and it went away.   We were hoping he would win this challenge. Imagine, not having to read the food labels all the time. Imagine, not having to carry benadryl and epipen all the time.  It has been all in 120 minutes so far.  On the sixth dose, he bravely consumed 3 M&M peanuts.   We thought maybe he will win this one but soon, he started to feel the awfullness of peanuts in his system.  Right there, he declared that he was not going to take the next dose.  But we thought we should wait as this one might also go away just like the little first doses.  But he felt worst, 30 minutes after, and 15 minutes more.  He was just curling up on the chair, feeling helpless.   He said he wants to throw up but it’s not getting out.  His body system has become internally not right.  The good thing though is that his breathing was not affected.  He seems to be not swelling too under such dose.    He was given reactine to see if it will help but another 30 minutes revealed it did not.  We ended up giving him epipen, which gloriously worked in 5 minutes.  He soon was standing up on his feet again.  So we declared that he lost his challenge today.  However, I think that it is good to do this, to know where he stands now.  We shall probably do this again in 2-3 years.

Do you need a peanut allergy challenge?


2014 Blog 287: Superheroes It Is

It’s been raining the whole day. I thought the rain was kinda odd for October. I expected some snow flakes but I guess the warm weather is causing it to rain instead. I like it. We need a little bit of rain once in awhile. Though it contributes to my low energy day. Really. I just wanted to snug back to bed. Ah, and here I am finding my way to get out of this flu. So far not good at all. But in my current so delirious state, I have been thinking.. about the superhero TV shows. These ones just started a new season…Agents of Shield, Arrow, and Flash. Flash is new this fall but just think its addition is an overkill. It’s too many superheroes TV shows now. Although, don’t get me wrong, cause I love superheroes. I am just afraid that I might get bored pretty soon. Oh well, I will give them a try.

Let us watch Flash tonight?

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