2014 Blog 264: Another Lost Love

7 days ago. I was hunting for an old worn out ladder. I thought that maybe I would find it at the second hand store. During my hunting, I saw a really old fashioned bike. It mainly caught my attention because of its rusty looking and inspiring mileage of 2,231 kilometers!
At that time, I didn’t think of taking it home, because I won’t be able to use it anyway. But this morning, I thought it would look nice somewhere at the backyard and show off its inspiring mileage. So today, I rushed back to the same thrifty store. I went around looking…and looking (cause maybe it got moved). I asked, and looked around the whole store. Unfortunately, it is now gone. I recall there was another man who seemed to be eyeing it when I was there last week. I imagine he might have taken it. It was for thirty dollars.
Today, I kept on admiring it on the photo. It is like another lost bike. I guess, it was not meant to be mine. I fell in love with it, lost it, and now letting it to go. When I looked closer at the photo, I realized that it was a Norco Bike! The same brand of bike that got stolen from me 4 months ago. Sigh!

Come on. Can I please have the old Norco Bike?


2014 Blog 263: Okra

This morning I grabbed a bunch of fresh okras from the market. You know you can just steam it in the microwave for a bit more than 60 seconds and it is ready to eat. I love it with almost anything.. with fried something or even on something soup. And people from my home country will know that it is so good with bagoong. Just okra, bagoong, and white rice is all I need in my next meal. It reminds me of home and I am glad it is here. Maybe I should grow them in the garden next year. Wait. I don’t have a vegetable garden. But maybe I can just throw seeds somewhere at the backyard somewhere? or maybe on a big plant pot. I wonder if that will work. For now, I will just go to the market for okra.

Do you recognize okra?

2014 Blog 262: Some Haunting Thoughts

I have been working for the same office for 7 years now. I have seen the company grow.. really grow.. and then it started outsourcing.. so the head office has become small.. really small. By now, I have become comfortable with the people I work with. Sometimes too comfortable. Honestly, I feel good working where I work now. One main reason is because it is really close to my home, to where my kids go to school, to our doctors, and etc. But I have been in it for a long time now, and I am debating whether I should start looking for another one.. just so I can go better deals? Well, this one I am in is not really a place where you would like to stay long till you retire, just because. Do I need to get better benefits but farther from home or should I just stay put as is and be close to home. I said the other day that I am now just 10 minutes drive to work. I have flexible time that I can do family errands so conveniently in between work. I get to my kids so easily when they need me. I can work from home anytime needed. I just don’t have the full benefits with regards to sick/vacay leave or retirement plans as other people I know, which I think by this time I should have by now. And well, I don’t think I am in a stable job too.

Should I start looking?

2014 Blog 261: Chapati

Oh my.  I am craving for a chapati.  Do you know chapati?  It is a flat bread commonly cooked from scratch by my Indian friends.  It is not naan. Based on my observations, naan is much more thicker, which I think is probably eaten using major meals.  Chapati for me is for snacks or maybe breakfast.  Oh my.  I am definitely craving for some chapati.  The one I have now is something from the store that is ready to cook.  It already serves my taste buds well.  And you know what I love to do with it?  Sprinkle sugar all over it, roll it, and then it like churros.

Oh my. Can I handle sugar at 10 in the evening?


2014 Blog 260: In The Traffic

I left home early this morning for work. When I just driven about 2 km, I noticed the big traffic jam ahead of me along 91 street. Pretty worried, I did a turn to scramble my way via Parsons Road. But soon, that way didn’t look any better at all. So next, I did a turn to find an exit on Calgary Trail which is a major highway. It seemed like a free zone. However, soon, vehicles started crumpling together, side to side. Ugh! About 10 minutes and 1 kilometer later, I got impatient and found a way to sneak out to the other opposite highway. l saw some SUV making through the made up dirty turn around exit. I studied it and I thought I can too make it. Brave enough, my small car did it and so did the other vehicles behind me. I thought it felt good to be free. I drove back towards 111 street but that one seemed even worst! I can’t imagine the large extent of the traffic. I blamed a possible accident at Anthony Henday. By then, I have stopped trying to get to work in time. I drove back towards where I started, picked up my fave mocha at Second Cup, texted my boss that I will be extra late, and just cruised no hurry back through the inevitable 91 street.
Officially, my 10 minute usual drive to work was made into an extra-ordinary 60 minutes of a scrambling journey. The spread-out traffic was ridiculously caused by 5 accidents in different places. It did not even occur anywhere at Anthony Henday at all.

I think I should have just biked to work this morning. Right?

2014 Blog 259: Terrible Pounds of Sweet Things

Terrible. I just realized that gained 5 lbs over the past month. I feel so fat. Some thinks I am not fat. But the 5 pound weight gain makes me feel fat, mentally. It is incredible how it is making me feel right now. I just feel so fat. I blame it on some delightful junk food that I have recently added to my diet. So I blame it on which I have been feast at work over the month and on coke which I have been drinking at dinner time over the summer. So this is what I get from sweetening up too much! Ugh! Ok. Fine. I raise up my hands. That’s it. No M&M and no coke anymore. Well. Not until I lose the 5 lbs. So let me lose the 5 lbs before winter comes!

OK. Let’s just bike it?

2014 Blog 258: It’s About Nothing

hmmm. i basically have nothing to write tonight. wait. or rather, i am just too lazy to explore the things that are in my brain right now. hmmm. or rather, i just prefer not to expand on them at the moment. hmmm. or rather, it is too boring for you to read, and so for me to write. hmmm. or rather, it is just one of those things I’d rather not talk about or write about. ahah! so this is how you write about nothing.

Really? There is nothing to write about?

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