2014 Blog 035 Somebody Turned Ten Today

Somebody had a birthday today.

This somebody has helped me find an old friend whom I have not seen for a long time.   I have last seen her when I was around 8. That was such an exciting moment when we found each other.  She even gave me an old photo taken of our families together.  We used to play together until my father got relocated to a different Air Base.  My family had to move somewhere else.  I don’t remember how sad I might have been to move,  but it was definitely a cheerless time.   When we found each other again,  we felt so excited.  We talked about the old times as much as our hearts can remember.  It’s so delightful.

This somebody has also given me some free space to where I can pin my photographs.   Yes, it is a free space.  And yes, I have tons of photographs.  Now, I do not have to distribute them.  I just pin them out and let whoever I want to see it,  enjoy them.  It’s pretty so useful.

This somebody has allowed me to share my thoughts and feelings out there.   Whether my words were loud or soft, it didn’t matter.  Whether I was speaking grammatically incorrect, it didn’t bother.    It’s just cool.

This somebody sits all the way in Lulea, lives to be green, and close to the arctic circle.  It’s quite lovely.

I watched and liked its birthday video clip today.  It turned 10 and it’s so happy.

Yeah.  Did you guess that it was facebook?

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