2014 Blog 365: New Year’s Eve

Here it is! The very last day of 2014!! Here we are preparing for some family traditions.   Today, I have gathered our rounded different fruits on the dining table,  for a fruitful year.  Tonight, we will go for the New Year’s Eve mass, for thanksgiving and blessings. It shall be followed by the traditional Medianoche, which means Midnight Dinner. This delightful tradition was something we have inherited from the spaniards.  And as the midnight turns over, I shall leave some coins by the door for money good luck.  We shall keep some in our pockets of course.  We shall wear something with polka dots, again for money good luck. At midnight, as the new year turns over, we would bash coins for prosperity, and make loud noises to welcome the new year, and to shoo away any bad luck . We would jump, dance, hug, and kiss together, and watch the fireworks (if weather permits).  And after the chaos has settled down, we would make another trip to the church for a visit to pray, to thank for another Year, and to feel the solemnity of the first hour of the year.

The best thing about this last day, is that it is followed by a new beginning!


What traditions do you have?







2014 Blog 364: Almost last blog of the year

I am now just one blog away to the last one for year 2014. Whew! I can’t believe I actually managed to meet my goal to blog every single day, for 365 days. I can’t believe that there was actually something to post. Pardon me for the lousy drawings and boring entries that I might have published. Anyway, I have come to love writing even more than I did. I just hoped that making time was not a challenge itself. Thanks to today’s mobility and wireless internet, which totally contributed in having the ability to write and post from almost wherever I am. I would say 70% of my entries were done when I am on the road. This goal has made me make time to write. Even for a short time, daily. When the new year turns over, I will no longer be blogging daily. But possibly, I will still blog once in awhile. So now I just want to thank all readers. I believe that those who have the urge to read, has the urge to write as well. Those who find fun in reading also find pleasure in writing. Have fun everyone!

Do you find fun in reading or writing or both?


2014 Blog 363: Dang Cold Outside

It is a dang cold day.  I already had tix for 8 people today for a stroll at the Fort Edmonton Christmas reflections.  So I have been watching the temperature drops the past days.   I tried to brave and convince myself (and the family) that we can deal with it even if the temperature dramatically goes down. Perhaps, we can just seriously prepare for it.  You know.. wear woolly mittens, toques, and leg warmers, and truly canadian winter jackets?   But I have come to my senses that going out with -35 temperature might not be a fun stroll in the park.   If the horses are not stupid enough to pull the wagons today, then we won’t be stupid to go either.  It definitely felt like the movie Frozen! and well it looked like it too. Pretty and cold.

Do you brave the winter cold?




2014 Blog 362: Get ready

I am now just getting in the mood to prepare for the New Year. I can’t believe another year has gone by. There are things that I sadly didn’t accomplish but let me look at the bright side. I am glad I have met my walk/run/bike quota. I am glad I have made my pledge not to buy a new pair of shoes in the whole year. I am glad that I have sent out a donation box to a charity organization in the Philippines. I am glad, that I am almost complete with my daily blog for this year.

I have been contemplating on new goals for the new year. I am excited.

Are you preparing for the new year?


2014 Blog 361: Card Number

A week ago, I made a purchase via the phone. I gave my mastercard number and I was told it was confirmed. I was comfortable doing it because I knew the store. Today, I went to pick it up and was told that they did not get my order! Now that sucks! The danger is that I gave my mastercard number to someone on the phone. I thought this is a security breech. Although I am glad that I didn’t see any suspicious transaction (yet) on my mastercard, I just wanted to cancel it. You know, just to be in the safe side. So I called my mastercard company and explained my situation. Surprisingly, they wouldn’t cancel my mastercard. They said it is not a legit reason to cancel and re-issue another card number. Really?!! They said there has to be a transaction that will show there is a security breech. So this is a lesson for me.  Next time, if I just want to cancel my card, I just tell it is lost. End of story.

Can I just cancel my card please?!!


2014 Blog 360: Boxing Day

In Canada, there is a holiday so called the Boxing Day.  It is really a huge shopping day, which is dedicated on the day just after christmas.  Many stores go on huge sale.   It is somewhat similar to Black Friday in the U.S.  In Canada, incredibly, despite of the cold,  there are people who actually are already in line at the doors at midnight.    I used to scramble for this day in the past, but  I don’t do it anymore, or just maybe I have nothing wanted anything to scramble for.   Today, I saw some people carrying big shopping bags, and boxes, and with big smiles.   It was a nice cold day anyway.    I opted not to  scramble today.   Besides, I have already made my shopping before christmas.

Did you go boxing day today?



2014 Blog 359: Christmas Day

Joyful day! The day just feels differently nice from any other day the whole year. The thought that this was the day Jesus was born is a beautiful thing. I feel everyone is happy whether they know Jesus or not.

Right now, it is a little cold outside, the sun is shining, the sky is somewhat blue, and it is a little bit snowing. It looks peaceful. Many are inside the houses celebrating. There are some who brave the cold to feel the fresh christmas air.

Merry Christmas?






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